Keep Your Veggies Raw

Your parents always told you to eat your vegetables, but new research adds a caveat—those veggies should be raw.

A study of more than 2,200 individuals from around the world has shown that those eating raw vegetables had lower blood pressure over a three year period than those eating cooked vegetables.

For some time we’ve known about the powerful role of vegetables on general wellbeing and blood pressure. Vegetables have essential antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are vital to our health. We also know that cooking veggies can reduce the amount of these beneficial nutrients that make their way into our system.

This research suggests that even someone eating a lot of cooked vegetables may see health benefits if they mix it up with some raw legumes. While this new study doesn’t account for all the lifestyle variables, such as exercise, smoking and other dietary patterns and restrictions, adding raw vegetables to a diet is a smart part of almost any blood pressure management plan.

Of course, make sure the vegetables you are tasting fit your dietary guidelines, especially if you have kidney disease. Many vegetables are high in potassium and phosphorus so learn more about how these nutrients can affect you.

If you are working with a dietitian, discuss how best to add raw vegetables to your daily plate before making any major changes on your own.

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